Things I’ll Never Say

   There are many things you do not know about me, and there will be things that you’ll judge me for just because you do not know. You just gotta know, I’m different from you and the life I lead and will lead will be different from yours. You do not know my situation, I’m stressed from a job that I do not know if half the time what I’m doing is right, im stressed from school, from all the assignments I have to do and the constant need to always be on top of my game. There will be … Continue reading Things I’ll Never Say

Stressful Times

Don’t underestimate the power of stress. Your body reacts to it faster than you think. To learn and understand the power of stress isn’t easy because in today’s society everyone belittle the effects of stress, especially if you live in the city. If you ever tell someone you are stress, they will tell you it is normal as long as you can handle it. But what do they mean exactly as long as you can handle it? I almost broke down today walking out of work, i still can’t put a finger on it, all i can say is, yes, … Continue reading Stressful Times