How to know if you’re real.

  Now that the New Year has officially kicked in. It’s time to talk about something more real. So I came up with 5 ways to be real in this real life. Are you ready? Let’s go! Make sarcastic remarks. After making sarcastic remarks, make sure the other party takes offends to what you just said so that you know that they are upset and you have been a complete troll. Continue to look for recognition or instant gratification. Like how many likes do you have on your instagram and how many likes you have on facebook. Then go about … Continue reading How to know if you’re real.

Influence Asia 2015

We got all dressed up on a Monday afternoon to attend our first award show, Influence Asia 2015. It is Asia’s very first award show to recognise social media personalities and I think that’s pretty cool. it was pretty exciting. There were performances by Red foo, Raisa from Indonesia and even Gareth Fernandez. Both of our dresses are from 🙂 XO! Continue reading Influence Asia 2015


Happy Friendsgiving !! I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving before and so you can imagine my excitement because hello I live in Singapore and we are mostly Asians and I’ve always thought that Thanksgiving is just a preparation towards Christmas. Thanksgiving is for people to give thanks for all the things that had happened during the year and I am very thankful for the life I’ve had in 2015, I’ve travelled a lot and met lots of people from all over and I even completed 2 semester while doing all of that. I am especially grateful to be alive and safe everyday, and for all … Continue reading Friendsgiving