Have Compassion

I lack compassion. We read books and articles and they always talk about compassion whether is it relationships, life situations and towards the strangers you meet in life. Compassion is so crucial in a relationship because if we do not know how to put ourselves in our partners shoes and understand what they are going through without just feeling sorry for them. It will be hard to connect as partners. But first and fore most we need to be compassionate with ourselves. Be kind to our mind, body and soul, why are we so hard on ourselves all the time. Learn how to say it’s okay when you fall, learn how to say fuck that even if you had double portion of carbs that day. We need to learn to be gentle. 
I find myself being rude and unkind to myself when my plans doesn’t go as plan (can you see how crazy that sounds already?). When I skipped a day at Crossfit or I allowed myself that bag of chips and that bar of Cadbury chocolates and especially after a 1-too-many-drinks night out with friends because in the morning I know I will suffer the mothers of all hangovers all over again. 
The bible says be kind to one another and it stills holds true but if we are not kind and compassionate with ourselves first and foremost. Where will all the kindness for the people around us come from? 
There was a period in my life where life literally kept throwing me lemons and it kept me down. I was hiding in the dark for the longest time and I refused to come out, mentally I was still tormenting myself and if I didn’t learn to be compassionate and forgive myself and move past it. I may never be sitting here today writing this post to you. The society has made it hard enough for women to make it out there. So why not be kind to ourselves and not be so hard on yourself from time to time. 
Things truly change when we change our perspective.. 
So ladies, be kind and have compassion for yourself today. Forgive what had happened and let’s stay strong together. 

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