Are We Ever Ready?

You might not be in a place in life right now where talking about having tiny humans is a priority. Maybe it’s just taking on a new role at work and leaving your old life behind? Are you ready? Truth is we are never ready for anything for real. When I did my first bikini competition, was I truly deeply ready? No. I was not. But I did it anyway and learn with every mistake I made and fall with every step I took. Did I die? No. Was there some embarrassing moments? Sure. But I learnt, I survived and I thrived. I went on and did 5 other shows the following year! 😊
Sometimes being ready really means “being ready to take on whatever comes our way on this journey to and through parenthood with whatever life throws at you”.
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I didn’t lose a friend, I just realized I never had one.

I cherish friendships so much it took everything out of me.. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But in any kind of friendship or relationship, you have the right to put your emotion first before others. You’re allowed to feel and express your emotions or pain. You have the right to your experience – even if it’s different from that of other people. You have the right to say no; saying no doesn’t make you selfish. Continue reading I didn’t lose a friend, I just realized I never had one.

It’s been awhile…

Mental State of MindLately, I’m really sick and tired of struggling with my own body image. Despite being more active than I’ve ever been or stronger than I’ve ever been. I still struggle with my mental state of mind. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not fit enough”, “not skinny enough”, “not time enough”. Just simply so tired of feeling not enough! So I’ve decided to dedicate once a week to start writing about my own struggles and how I will eventually overcome it. Note: I say eventually because I know it’s no easy task.  And trust me, when I say … Continue reading It’s been awhile…