We Need to Get Back to Basics 

Ever been so mad that you have no idea what to do? I’ve been in the same situation (countless times) before but I find comfort in lashing out in anger through the phone and hurling nasty words I don’t mean during a fight. I fight dirty, I know it and I enjoyed every bit of it. But since getting older (mature), I’ve grown out of lashing out in anger and hurling nasty words unless you reeeeeeeally step on my toe. I now do better in taking the time to think and reflect and to actually find the right words to say before giving that person a piece of my mind. Lately, things have been really difficult in the relationship department. Have we hit the 2-year mark that we both lost our grounds? That we are both finding our relationship stale and stagnant that we start to forget romance?

I find myself stuck and not knowing the right words to say a lot of the time mostly because I now know what relationship means and I really want to make it work. I am pissed but I don’t hurl nasty words and end up saying the things I don’t even understand anymore. Now I would like to think, I’m a reasonable person. I think my thoughts through. I eat with my mouth close. And I shop in the vegetable section. I’m conscious of my decisions. But right now I am feeling stuck, there’s so many nasty things I want to say but I know I can’t say it because I am so afraid it will ruin my relationship. There must be another way to get there. 

Do you think couples need space after being together for a long time? Do you think it’s normal to take our relationship for granted? I heard about the 7-year itch, is there a 2-year rash? I’m sure I’m not alone in this. 

We need to be exciting and be excited again.

How do we tell the person we love what we want and what we need without sounding you need the person or you are demanding them to do those things for you. How. Teach me oh wise one. 

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