My 16-year-old self would have told you that I should be married by now and planning to have kids before I turn 30. But what my 16-year-old self or even my 25-year-old self didn’t think through was what was going to happen after having those kids and what would become of my life. The fact that I want kids and be a fierce #girlbossbitch by 30 as well meant that I would never be able to embrace motherhood the way I envision it to be (besides the fact you don’t know if you have given birth to a tree monster and make sleep a thing of the past), it would likely consume the same amount of years when I would just be sinking my teeth into the work I believe in.  it’s like the universe is telling me to pick one, choose one. But choose wisely. As a wise person (Oprah) once said: You can have it all. Just not all at once. This isn’t a post about me making a decision now. But it’s a realization post that It’s time to start now NOW to pursue whatever your heart desires. IMG_0264

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