Things I’ll Never Say


the way ill never cry
There are many things you do not know about me, and there will be things that you’ll judge me for just because you do not know. You just gotta know, I’m different from you and the life I lead and will lead will be different from yours. You do not know my situation, I’m stressed from a job that I do not know if half the time what I’m doing is right, im stressed from school, from all the assignments I have to do and the constant need to always be on top of my game. There will be a point in my life that I want to be away from you and do what is necessary to piece my life together and hustle to get things done and strive the life I want to have. I’m exhausted from all that I already have on my plate while still trying to live and have a social life. You gotta understand my situation too. I have mostly led the life that you wanted me to for the past 20 years and now, honestly all I want is space and time for myself, I want to built for myself a house that I want to live in, I want to furnish the space. And Whenever I get to come home from a long day’s work, I get to come home to a feeling of homeliness and a sense of “this is mine and this is how far I’ve come and knowing there is so much more to accomplish. And I want you on this journey, no matter where I am. But you just gotta understand, you just gotta know, there will be days that I’m stressed out and I need space and you may not understand but all I need you to is to understand. 

And that’s why I like throwing weights around at Crossfit, it makes me feel so much better. 

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