2nd year in (mom edition)

I feel like I talk about motherhood a lot but also don’t talk about it enough. I think my older stories used to tell more of a story about Freya when she was a newborn, now that she is a toddler, her personality is coming through and I don’t have to paint a picture the same way as I used to. She is coming into her own skin and sometimes I don’t wish to post her on too much because I don’t want to offend or make anyone angry as silly as it sounds. My content has always been about me, my bodybuilding journey, a fitness trainer, and now a health coach for the longest time. And I find it hard to balancing on social media both being a mom and a coach without one compromising another.

I think what I am trying to say is as much as I have been a mom for a year now, I still feel like I’m in transition. Just like in most jobs and the most transitional phase you are in. The first year is like a honeymoon year, everything is new and fresh and exciting but also stressful and nerve-wrecking because you are still figuring it out.

In this 2nd year, I’m figuring out what is worth fighting for to me. After being a mom, my approach to coaching and teaching and training has changed. My all or nothing mentality has shifted. There is a season for everything, and until competition season is on again, I am not all or nothing with my fitness goals. And I bet every year I am going to feel different, hopefully more confident and sure in making decisions.

But there is one thing that is definitely my non-negotiable and that is my mental well-being, taking time to myself to cook, to mealprep, for her, for the family. Heading to the gym on the weekend when all i want to do is to be with her. Journaling and bettering my mental health is all encompassing in being a healthy individual and I never want that more than where i am at right now.

Someone ask me; whats the ONE thing I want to teach Freya that I was never taught?

Female friendships are special ✨✨✨

I was thrown in the deep end when it comes to friendships and I had to learn the hard way. For a long time I thought friendships were transactional and  when I was cybered bullied at 14, I was jaded for a long time but I wish I had someone help me to navigate those times better. 

I wanna show her- 

How to be a friend and be your full authentic self even when no one understands you because one day you will find a friend that will accept you for you, flaws and all. Friendship changes as you change and that’s ok. Some friends come and go and it’s ok that it hurts. Friends have breaks and when you come back it’s even better. Some breaks don’t end, it hurts too but you’ll be stronger for it. It makes you understand yourself more for it. Friendships are just as (if not) more important than relationships. Friendships seems hard sometimes but oh so special. 

Female friendships can sometimes be hard and daunting but they are oh so special.

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