2015-11-25 20.10.362015-11-25 20.17.412015-11-25 20.23.312015-11-25 21.21.43friendsgiving1friendsgivingHappy Friendsgiving !!

I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving before and so you can imagine my excitement because hello I live in Singapore and we are mostly Asians and I’ve always thought that Thanksgiving is just a preparation towards Christmas. Thanksgiving is for people to give thanks for all the things that had happened during the year and I am very thankful for the life I’ve had in 2015, I’ve travelled a lot and met lots of people from all over and I even completed 2 semester while doing all of that. I am especially grateful to be alive and safe everyday, and for all the love I’ve received for the past year. As much as I am just as tempted to talk about  the  disappointments I feel for the past year. It is always better to be thankful and grateful for all the fortunate things that had come my way and not be a prima dona.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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