Manic Monday #42

It’s the starting that is hard.

Mondays is where i clear my mind and reflect on what had happened for the past week and even plan of what to acheive for the following week and I call it #manicmondays. It has been a ritual for the past year or so and I am gonna continue it until the day I…..

And It could be about anything.. school, my relationships, work, family, people and even my rant about some rats asss dumb retarded topics because I’m human and not just because I am female, I like ranting.

I realise that as much as i would like to think that i am a feminist i dont really preach or behave like one. i constantly find myself complaining about the way I look and make remarks like, “I’m a girl, but i have so much muscles or i have such big shoulders, girls are supposed to be slim, skinny and fair and minimal muscle mass and they can wear anything and look good in it, they dont have to worry about looking fat or too muscular if the camera catch them in a wrong angle. Girls shouldnt have muscles or be this big, Omg why am i so big. blah blah blah.”

It is ridiculous!! I work so hard to be toned and fit and I should love  my body but all the same time, i am complaining about having muscles because I don’t look like every girl that I see on the streets anymore who are skinny and can fit into anything they want like leggings/jeggings without worrying about their thighs looking like a california roll.

Make up your mind bernice!