Manic Monday 

#manicmonday is back on! 

Well whenever I get the inspiration to write on a Monday of course. Which nowadays whenever I get that burst of inspiration to write, I don’t call it manic Monday anymore but I just call it whatever title I like. 
There are days where I struggle to calm my mind down and focus on one thing at a time. There are a million and one thing that goes on in my mind and i struggle to focus on one or all of the important things that really should be happening at a time. I went out on a Saturday and had a great GNO. The next day, not so great. I was so dehydrated and so very hung over that I only felt human again in the evening. And then came this void. This great feeling of insufficiency and all of the things that is not going right or going according to my plan just hits in waves after waves. 
As u can tell, I am quite a control freak but I don’t try to control things that I know I can’t control like maybe my boyfriend who is not so much of a control freak. I like to control things that I know it’s within my control but it can go out of hand too like when I’m meeting a friend and I demand them not to be late. Or when we are meeting, I say what are we going to do, where we are going and all of those things. I admit, I am quite adamant when I have a specific plan and it HAS to go according to my plan. 
That’s probably one of those things that I have to constantly work on.
BUT I’m not a crazy bitch though, sometimes, maybe just sometimes. 😈
Some people might call it bossy but when u wanna get things done, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, whether u like it or not. 
I am busy as hell and sometimes i forget that I have a million and one things to accomplish before the next week comes and I still make effort and time to meet the people I love over the weekend or whenever I can. I think I’m crazy. But I guess I appreciate and enjoy human connection more than anything else. I like having a glass of wine with a group of friends to talk about how our week has been. I enjoy unwinding and wine-Ing. And sometimes I feel really neglected whenever the friends around me don’t feel or do the same. But I feel it has always been the case for the longest time. It could just be the people around me and I’m overthinking everything again as usual. 
Just like my fave quote. There’s nothing wrong to WINE Alittle.  


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