I Ate Too Much!

This shift was absolutely huge for me: life is incredibly short, and it was time to stop constantly engaging in negative self-talk when all I did was being human, so what? I went out and I ate a little more food than usual. I am only human, and I very well enjoyed my time with my friends and all the yummy food I ate.
Life is unpredictable. And we deserve to live and thrive and feel worthy in the body we are given. Our bodies are more than just the way it looks. What about the value that gives us to life to move and to breathe.

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Trending now: Relationships

It’s crucial to express your gratitude for your significant other and friends, and it’s really important to make time for them, even as you’re trying to make a place for yourself in the working world. Since hitting my mid-20s. There have been a few things that mean more to me now than ever before. Relationships with the people around me have been my greatest pillar of strength and stability. And we all know that the key to happiness is the people we choose to spend our life with. As easy as it sounds, it only gets more challenging as we enter … Continue reading Trending now: Relationships