Over 100 grams protein meal prep!

if u have been following me for a while. U know I prep my meals A LOT. I love meal prepping! But ever since I’ve gotten pregnant, my meal preps have gotten boring, and truth is some weeks I don’t prep because with pregnancy and breastfeeding… some days I just don’t feel….. inspired anymore. Now that I’m back on my nutrition health kick. I’m going to try to make 1 meal with u every week.  You should though pop your chicken in the air fryer for 20 mins and have eggs made or if you prefer make it along with the rice. It is all up to you.  So, this week is going to be my 113 grams Protein Kimchi FriedRice. U don’t … Continue reading Over 100 grams protein meal prep!

Let’s recap #2015 Part 2

Part 2: July – Oh July! Half a year has gone by and sometimes i still wonder what have I been doing with my life since the year started. But anyhow, it was my Dad’s birthday month and we had a lavish dinner at MBS with the family. * August – Took my very first Solo Yolo  Trip to Perth Australia! That trip really taught me so much about myself while i was on my own but I had so much fun meeting new people on the winery tour. It was amazing (for the lack of better vocabulary) and of course i got wasted way … Continue reading Let’s recap #2015 Part 2

Let’s recap #2015 Part 1

Let’s recap the first 6 months of #2015 … through INSTAGRAM by recapping the highlights of each month. This will either show how interesting or boring the first half of 2015 has been. Let’s go.   JANUARY – Oh! January! The first month of the year where everyone’s heart and mind is filled with great promises and optimism and New Year’s resolutions. Which I did accomplish SOME and one of which, was to perm my hair! Boy oh boy  oh boy. Did it make a huge change to my hair. #Ohmygod. And was the change drastic! My hair instantly became massive. My hair was probably bigger than … Continue reading Let’s recap #2015 Part 1