I Ate Too Much!

This shift was absolutely huge for me: life is incredibly short, and it was time to stop constantly engaging in negative self-talk when all I did was being human, so what? I went out and I ate a little more food than usual. I am only human, and I very well enjoyed my time with my friends and all the yummy food I ate.
Life is unpredictable. And we deserve to live and thrive and feel worthy in the body we are given. Our bodies are more than just the way it looks. What about the value that gives us to life to move and to breathe.

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My Fitness Journey (15 years and counting)

Oh my. Where do I begin? Bodybuilding did not happen by chance. However, my journey to bodybuilding is probably more intentional than I thought. I tried a million and one type of trainings regime such as CrossFit, yoga, sprints, long distance running, powerlifting, HIIT the list goes on and they were all great fun and during that period of my life it was the best type of training for me. However, I did not see real changes until I found bodybuilding, meal prepping and understanding macros and micros and the biggest taboo, counting calories. Continue reading My Fitness Journey (15 years and counting)

Never say never 🚬

I never thought I’ll see this day come. it may have came very unexpectedly but I am proud of myself, and I am really glad that I have been keeping up to it. 🚬 I’ve officially stopped smoking for over 3 months now. I didn’t set any goals initially neither did I plan to stop smoking. I just did. And the sad truth was because I fell terribly sick and was bed ridden for a week straight. I got better by the end of the week and even went out for my best friend’s birthday celebration but that didn’t encourage … Continue reading Never say never 🚬