Losing Baby Weight While Breastfeeding?

So here is how I did NOT lose weight while breastfeeding. I just wasnt one of those lucky moms. I was the mom that ate whatever I want, whenever I want while I was breastfeeding because I felt I was never full and always hungry. I was feeding Freya for 10-12x a day and the weight did not budge. I gained about 10kg during pregnancy and dropped 4 kg once I left the hospital with the baby. 1 month postpartum I dropped another 2 kg and by 6 months postpartum I was still 3 kg above pre-pregnancy weight. These are just numbers, and I don’t take them seriously, but I wanted to write it down for context. Continue reading Losing Baby Weight While Breastfeeding?

My breastfeeding Journey

I had to change my negative self-talk, to talk nicely to myself, to be gentle and not be soo demanding with myself. I was in the shower the other day (I know. It seems like everyone get their epiphany in the shower) and I heard myself say, I will be 6 months postpartum soon, I SHOULD be…. And then I caught myself and think, wait what. No! I shouldn’t be anything! My postpartum journey will happen for me when the time is right. I just have to put my head down and keep grinding. It isn’t easy for sure. But there is no SHOULD, there is no time frame to follow as to when I will feel 100% like myself. It all will happen for me. I need to change my self-talk to; yes maybe by 6 months postpartum I should try to be able to do 5 unassisted pull ups again. And if I don’t. maybe 3? Alright then. It is all hard, I know. Continue reading My breastfeeding Journey