Day 14 Gratitude 

Day 14: What sight are you grateful for today?  The sight of people connecting either with conversation or common interests.  The sight of a newborn baby, they are just so precious.  The sight of two people I love.  I love that moment when you ask someone if they were in love. The way they pause for what feels as though an eternity, and glance away as though they are rewatching a daydream. Their eyes play a story, their eyes become louder and more responsive than their words. Because truth be told, when you’re in love your eyes refuse to lie. Continue reading Day 14 Gratitude 

Day 3: Gratitude 

WHAT COLOR ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?  White defines Purity. And even when you’re in doubt. The color white always come through. It matches everything and anything you want. I like white. It brings out the confidence in me and its has enough color and its bright enough to shine on its own. So I am grateful for the color white. It brings all the other colors together and blend them soo well to create this pot of magic colors…  #30daysofgratitude  Continue reading Day 3: Gratitude