Let’s recap #2015 Part 2

Part 2: July – Oh July! Half a year has gone by and sometimes i still wonder what have I been doing with my life since the year started. But anyhow, it was my Dad’s birthday month and we had a lavish dinner at MBS with the family. * August – Took my very first Solo Yolo  Trip to Perth Australia! That trip really taught me so much about myself while i was on my own but I had so much fun meeting new people on the winery tour. It was amazing (for the lack of better vocabulary) and of course i got wasted way … Continue reading Let’s recap #2015 Part 2

What I’ve learnt in 2015

That money isn’t everything, and I know that I am already in my twenties and I should know that by now. But I don’t think I really did until 2015 came along. Money to me meant that I have the power to splurge when I finally hit the stores of Sephora and Ulta in the USA. Money also brought me to places such as the USA since I live in Singapore; USA is actually quite a distance away. To me, money meant happiness, maybe it was because of That one relationship that I had years ago and I only felt … Continue reading What I’ve learnt in 2015