Day 18 of Gratitude 

Day 18: what piece of art are you grateful for?  I’m not exactly a very artsy person so this question is kinda hard. But architecture can be considered a piece of art right? I’m grateful for the modern architecture around us be it in personal homes or public spaces like Singapore’s shophouses! They may look old from the outside but don’t let the exterior fool u. A Lot of shophouses owners actually refurnished and rebuilt it so modern it looks like a state of the art museum!  Continue reading Day 18 of Gratitude 

Day 14 Gratitude 

Day 14: What sight are you grateful for today?  The sight of people connecting either with conversation or common interests.  The sight of a newborn baby, they are just so precious.  The sight of two people I love.  I love that moment when you ask someone if they were in love. The way they pause for what feels as though an eternity, and glance away as though they are rewatching a daydream. Their eyes play a story, their eyes become louder and more responsive than their words. Because truth be told, when you’re in love your eyes refuse to lie. Continue reading Day 14 Gratitude