Monday’s are confusing to me. New week, new plans, new goals. I don’t know about you but I usually plan my schedules on a weekly basis. I don’t mind planning even on a monthly basis like when to meet up the girls or catch up with old friends but it’s still kinda vague. At least on a weekly basis, I know how I can maximize my time. Now that 2015 is really drawing to an end. I’ve been feeling pretty calm actually except during moments when I get those sudden panic attacks about the future. It’s pretty scary honestly. I … Continue reading MONDAYS

Manic Monday #43

Unmotivated: It’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be a little rough ahead because I don’t know how to pick myself up (again). Everybody seems to be going through life easily and I keep struggling. Struggling to stay afloat without falling over. I’m so afraid of being left behind and I know if I keep standing still, I will be left behind. Life keeps going forward fast and hard while I’m just here standing still and feeling stuck. God, I need direction to where I should be looking to next. “Follow your heart Bernice. Don’t lose hope.” “Stop chasing other people’s … Continue reading Manic Monday #43