Over 100 grams protein meal prep!

if u have been following me for a while. U know I prep my meals A LOT. I love meal prepping! But ever since I’ve gotten pregnant, my meal preps have gotten boring, and truth is some weeks I don’t prep because with pregnancy and breastfeeding… some days I just don’t feel….. inspired anymore.

Now that I’m back on my nutrition health kick. I’m going to try to make 1 meal with u every week. 

You should though pop your chicken in the air fryer for 20 mins and have eggs made or if you prefer make it along with the rice. It is all up to you. 

So, this week is going to be my 113 grams Protein Kimchi FriedRice. U don’t need to chop anything here. 

And once u has eggs made, chicken made, and rice made on the side. This fried rice takes only about 10 mins to make or less.It’s amazing!!

For the longest time I have some form of food fear. I categorized some food that I can eat and cannot eat. And when if I do eat those food, I let the guilt eat me up inside too. Ive learnt through my health coaching course that eating healthy doesn’t mean eliminating foods I love but the opposite. 

Its learning how to incorporate foods I love within my life in a more sustainable approach. 

Once ive learnt this and accepted this. Eating has been such a joy. 

And since I am not prepping for a show. But I want to hit my macros on the daily. This meal plan is TOP NOTCH. Flavors are there and everything!!

Full video on how this meal is made on my Instagram: @

150 egg whites: 16g P

2 whole eggs: 13gP, 9gF

250 grams chicken breast: 76gP

20g Air dried ham: 7gF, 5gF

Kimchi: 4gC, 1gP

1 tbsp light soy sauce: 2gC

½ tbsp sesame oil: 7gF

1 tbsp coconut oil:13.5GF

1 tsp chili flakes

Sprinkle of pepper

Minced Garlic

Always on the go! Making sure I get my macros in

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