The First Trimester….

20th august 2021:

reflections on my first trimester journey.

she was the first face i saw after i pee on the stick

I’ve been waiting for this day since finding out I am pregnant. The 12th week mark! Because this is what every mom, mom-to-be talk about. the safe zone. But we all know there is no real safe zone. The first few weeks since finding out I was really pregnant was really rough. I couldn’t stand the taste of most of my favorite food anymore. I could barely drink any coffee. All my beverages had to be either really cold or really hot. and all I really wanted was something sweet because TMI, my mouth taste like puke, literally. A lot of things made me nauseous. I couldn’t stand onions for a little while. saltine crackers did nothing for me, it made my mouth drier and tongue even pukier. Sometimes I would be eating half way and the nauseous will hit me like a train and I just have to stop whatever I’m doing and just not move. breathe through the nauseous. Stop eating and just chill. I refused to puke. I told myself I wasn’t going to puke. I will do anything in my power to not puke. if it meant not eating so be it. I wasn’t starving myself. I just didn’t see a point in forcing myself to eat if it was all going to come right up.

these are the snacks that saved me the entire first trimester

One moment all I wanted was a hot bowl of Tom Yum soup with Prawns Dumplings in it. Very specific. Not Tom Yum Seafood soup. I wanted Prawns Dumplings in my Tom Yum soup. I went all out to get it, and when I did, I enjoyed every single drop of it. Following week, Matt bought me the exact same soup. I couldn’t smell it, I couldn’t see it, I cannot stand it, I don’t want to be near it at all. It made me sick.

Oh, you got to love hormones don’t ya.

I was craving every single soup that my grandma’s soup has ever made, one of them being pork intestines’ soup, carrot and corn soup, bak kut teh, all the Chinese soup you can think of I was craving it. It’s just not the same ordering from some restaurants or stalls. I am also a very picky eater. I started picking out old school snacks and just nostalgia food. And if you know how much i love my dark chocolate, i couldn’t stand it for awhile either.

Heart wasn’t sure how he feels about the new addition yet. haha

They say the nauseous and the food aversion is the body’s way of protecting the baby and preventing you from eating food that could harm the baby. so I don’t mind it at all. I’m all for it.

One time my hormones got the better of me and I was soo homesick, I was craving my grandma’s soup so badly that I started crying like a baby, literally. Not my proudest moment. But it happened.

Once I hit the 10th week mark, things got a little easier. Also, I find that brushing my teeth after meals helped to keep the nauseous at bay too. It just helped to remove the puke taste lingering in my mouth. Napping during the day was something that I had to get used to as it definitely helped alleviate the fatigue during the day. Which I find it strange too because I find myself waking up randomly in the middle of night. I hated it. I didn’t need to pee. I was just jolted awake.

Can’t wait to meet you baby!!

Honestly, I know I’m making my first trimester sound rough but honestly it wasn’t and I would not have it any other way. There were days that were harder than some but it was all about powering through and listening to the body; asking the body what it is capable of that day and go from there.

I’m sure there are women out there that has gotten it way worst than I did and I sympathize with them.

Can’t wait to meet you little one! Just 6 more months to go!!

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