Dear Bee, I am just too tired to work out.

Dear Bee,

I’ve been pretty active my whole life, and during normal times I workout 6 days a week. However, the pandemic situation has really taken a toll on me, I can’t see my friends or family because of travel restrictions, and it feels like my life have been put on hold right in the middle of it. I try working out on my own like I do in the past, but my body is just so unmotivated and tired. Every time I try looking for tips for how to deal with emotional exhaustion so I can feel more alive, one of the top things is to exercise. As you can see, this is really circular! Do you have any other ideas?

Send help!


Roll out yoga mat and fell asleep


Hey Roll Out Yoga Mat,

You’re so right! How are you supposed to work out for more energy…when you have no energy to begin with?! 

Ill be honest, I’m totally guilty of hitting the gym even when I mentally don’t feel like it and most of the time it does work. The minute I start getting my heart rate up and I get into the swing of the routine, I am feeling much better and I’m glad that I push myself into the gym. But you know what? Sometimes forcing yourself to exercise is not always the answer.

Sometimes, you really do need a break to heal your mind. 

Side note: isn’t it amazing how much our mental health impacts our physical health and vice versa?! Taking care of both sides is so important! 

For you, you are dealing with major things that impact you on both sides of the spectrum. On the physical side, you are forced to find your own motivation. Which would not be a huge deal, except you’re also dealing with stress from the pandemic AND the disruption of travel plans and you are missing family. It’s heart-breaking and a glass of wine is not always the answer. Its not easy.

My first piece of advice is to find some kind of outlet. If your normal workouts are not working for you right now, don’t force them! Experiment with something new and more gentle that allows you to breathe and process your thoughts. Something like: 

  • Walking and getting lost in a podcast or your favourite music.
  • Yoga (certain poses like hip openers can really help) 
  • Meditation
  • Journaling

Or, any new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the time! Even if it’s as simple as reading, finding something new that you enjoy could lift your spirits and light a new fire inside you.

I know it’s easier said than done. But I promise you once your heart and mind are in sync again when you get your groove back on. It will slowly get a little easier on the daily.

Lastly, lean on your loved ones. Your friends, colleagues, the online community, or anyone you trust. Support is everything through tough times! In these pandemic times, it’s important to connect as often as we can while we deal with being physically separated. Hopefully reaching out to me helps a little too!

Remember that you’re not alone. The weight of the pandemic is suffocating and it’s making it really difficult for a lot of us to stay positive when we are away from our loved ones and feeling more alone than ever. It’s DRAINING and EXHAUSTING. So know that your feelings are valid, and I’m with you.  

Give yourself some time to heal mentally and move your body gently until you truly feel ready to get back into your normal workouts. It may seem like this weird time is never going to end, but I promise it will!

 You’ll be back out there, stronger than ever.


Coach Bee

PS – If you have a burning question you want to ask me, leave a comment below! And maybe I can share it on my next blog post too!

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