21 days later

Bangkok, Thailand has officially went on a full lock down 21 days ago and everyday the news is still changing from the curfew to the mandatory need to wear a mask when we ride on trains etc. The only reason I would leave the house or walk outside my apartment for the matter would be to go to the supermarket or to workout. #baseanywhere

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I know Singapore just (finally) went on a lockdown and I’m sure it has caused major uncertainty to so many people. Trust me. I still feel it. The feeling of confusion, uncertainty and fear isn’t going to go away. You’ll just have to take charge of it and change up your routine. #circuitbreaker #singapore

Reading the news 24/7 and being on social media getting memes and update on how many deaths or how many more dickwharts are not adhering to the curfew or the lockdown rules can only make you feel more frustrated. I am a person who love being in control so you only imagine during times like this when we no longer have control can be very nerve-wrecking. It is very nerve-wrecking.

I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns and annoyances and frustrations the past couple of weeks. There has not been a day that I just want to take the first flight out of here and back to Singapore. I miss my family and I worry for them on the daily basis. But there is a difference between being irrational and stupid and being calm and checking in with your friends and family as much as possible during this difficult time. Virtual hugs and connection are what is important right now to keep us connected and sane. But it still scares me that I’m so far from home. I mean, when will we be able to travel again?

Copyright @thorsten.henn : http://www.henn-photography.com

I don’t know.

But I know that travel will resume quickly after the outbreak and although people will be travelling less at first, the industry will also bounce back quicker than you think.

21 days later, and what I really crave for wasn’t just the gym anymore but the human interaction. My morning greetings with the taxi motorbikes as he takes me to work. The hellos and the warm hugs at the gym. The banter I have with the coaches at work. I miss human interaction. 👋🏾

But there have been so many pros that has also came out of this ordeal that I need to be grateful for and I want to talk about it too since the #stayhomestaysafe order. I know it is hard to be positive during this time but it’s always a good habit to practice gratitude before you start your day anywhere There are a ton of things we can do during this time that we have no excuse for not to do. To say we have no time today is a huge excuse.

Here we go:


1: My cortisol levels have decreased

2: My appetite has decreased

3: I’m more aware of what I’m snacking and eating

4: I ate at home the entire week!

5: My total physical activity has decreased

6: I don’t drink coffee the first thing I get up

7 I can now take the time to stretch

8: I have time to write and let my words flow and not just write my to do list

9: I can now feel my body (again).

*I’ve lost connection with my body for a while because I was so involved in training and hitting a goal within a time period. There wasn’t much time for rest. I had the mindset of “Goals wait for no one” and there is a time and place for everything but during quarantine it isn’t. Your health is your goal.

10: I now do more HIIT and full body training.

11: My body (actually) feels tighter (going back to 1: my cortisol levels have significantly decreased.)



1: I can’t travel ✈️

2: I can’t go back to Singapore🇸🇬 to visit family.

3: I can’t, and I shouldn’t visit family at this time because you just never know anymore. What if I may have asymptomatic virus.

4: I’ve lost my step count of 10,000-15,000 steps a day

5: I haven’t been moving as much. It’s literally be bed- pool- kitchen – couch – toilet – bed. Not very exciting.

6: I always walk home from work and spend long hours during the day standing for work, but I haven’t been standing much lately.

7: I miss my clients and coaches

8: I miss being busy but what does that even really mean anyway? Does busy means productive? 🧿

9: I’m bored (#truth) all the time☠️

10: My hands are glued to this phone 😫

You will go through waves of emotions during this time. Don’t panic. Let it. Let the emotions flow. Ride it. Flow with it. I’ve cried almost every time I panic when I let my mind wander to the darkest of places thinking the #quarantine is going to last forever. And then I move on and carry on with my day. Go workout. Chase health and #dopamine because the truth is this #quarantine will not last forever. Yes, what we know as ‘normal’ is no longer going to be the same again but same never meant better. Same just meant comfortable and easy. I know we all can come out of this feeling more grateful and more appreciative of what we have if we just do our part in staying positive, staying in and staying healthy during these crazy times.

Copyright @thorsten.henn : http://www.henn-photography.com





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