Tips for staying healthy this Chinese New Year (CNY)!

CNY can really be the hardest time to eat right and stay on track with your diet because of all the food that is on the table when we visit our friends and relatives’ houses. Avoiding all the candy, snacks, pineapple tarts, prawn crackers, bak kwa and I can keep going… isn’t the way to live. So, I have some tips that I have lived by over the years while still enjoying CNY without throwing my diet out of whack.


  1. Never leave the house hungry. You WILL overeat.
    Even if you are not a breakfast person try to have something light before going over to your friends and relatives place. Have a toast, a few hard-boiled eggs and a good cup of coffee unless you are heading out for breakfast or lunch of course then that’s a different story. If you are only visiting and there aren’t actual meals at your friend’s place, have a meal first before visiting. You will also be a nicer person. 😉
  2. Drink lots of water!
    Bangkok and Singapore are constantly and always burning hot, soo humid that even if a 5 minutes’ walk will drench your shirt and your make-up will melt away. I always bring a bottle of water with me just because I’m always thirsty and I realise I eat a lot more when I’m hungry and no matter how much I eat, I’m still always hungry and that’s because I’m actually just thirsty. Be smart. Be environment friendly. Bring a sexy bottle with you, always.
  3. Keep the same workout routine.
    If you train Saturday, Monday, Tuesday. Keep it up! There is nothing wrong working out before heading to your relative’s place. If you have been training before work, why can’t you also train before having some quality time with your family. One tip I like to do especially even when I’m on a holiday or anywhere outside of my daily routine is to head to the gym early so that I have no excuses. To have gotten it of the way so early that I can enjoy the rest of the day doing what I like to do for myself, friends and family.
  4. Eat in this order.
    Veggies, Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Desserts. Also… always share. I am a huge snack-er not going to lie but I’m also a small eater. My eyes seems to always be bigger than my stomach, so I tend to take everything I think I want to eat and never finish them. I know it is a terrible habit, so I always share my food. I cut my donuts into 4s or I cut my cake into half and even share half a cake with someone. This way I am never depriving myself, but I still get to taste everything on the table without over-eating.
  5. Lastly, if you are drinking, replace sugary option with low-sodium or sugar-free options. Choose dry wines instead of sweet wines. Ok, I like my gin… So i have it with sparkling water instead, but you know what I mean, when you can choose healthier options. You should.


Thank you for reading and let me know if these tips helped you!!

Have an amazing CNY 2020! Take Care and Enjoy family time!

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