Prepping for a Bikini Competition

What is a bikini competition?

A bikini competition is a bodybuilding competition. A physique that many females idealise. Just think of Victoria Secret Model with an actual Gluteus Maximus (butt muscles), muscle definition, shoulder cap, a tiny waist, a sexy smile and toned general all over physique .

Why I decided to join a bikini competition?

If I were to be point blank brutally honest. The amount of muscles and physique that a bikini competitor has turns me on. I’ve always like the bikini physique and being in a bikini is basically my second skin. My goal was always to have a bigger, better stronger glutes and I would rather work hard for it then pay for it. The gym life have consumed me.

Also, because many people came up to me asking me if I was competing as if I was already in the sport. That it got me thinking and I put it on in the universe, did more research about the sport for about 3-4 weeks and decided hey, why not! I’ve always loved the bikini physique, that’s always the ideal physique goal I’ve always chased after. I love looking fit, tone, strong and sexy. I’ve always like challenges and love challenging my body and fitness to new heights. So why the heck not!!

How was prepping for a bikini competition?

So I gave myself a minimum of 3 months, 17 weeks to start on prep. I would not advise on anyone to only start on 3 months, I would suggest ample amount of time and it would be a minimum of 6 months to 9 months to begin on prep. Why did I give myself 3 months? Because I felt like I had a pretty good baseline already. I am a persona trainer, a fitness coach and I was training 4- 5 days a week and I was cooking my own meals and eat pretty healthy on the regular basis. However, I very quickly learn that a bikini prep was very different but a few fine tuning here and there, I was good to go. What I was not prepared for was the mental challenges that I had to face ahead. However, we will not be talking about that today. I’ll save that for another day. 🙂

Always remember your WHY

The hunger is real. When the hunger kicks in I get cranky, I get messy and in all honesty, I can’t think straight anymore. So I’ve learnt to always have food in my bag, healthy snacks or my meal box in my bag. Or else that’s when I start to give in to my unnecessary nonsensical cravings that I never had before but for some reason want it all right now this instant when I am on prep for a competition.

There were times I wanted to give up, It was a very different kind of training that I was used to. But damn was it worth it when I saw the physical differences. People can call this a superficial sport but no one can take away your dedication, your hard work, your sweat, your tears away from YOU! I made every meal, eat every meal even when I didn’t want to, sleep as much as I can, dedicate one day to full recovery and most of all walking in those heels. I love my heels! I wouldn’t say the journey was a struggle but there’s still much more to learn and to do!

I love the training but some days can be tough and my weekends looked very different. Instead of sleeping in, I went to the gym then rushed to have my meals, plan my evening classes (basecamp + yoga) then teach for another 2 hours. It was challenging when all you want to do is put your legs up at the end of the day but –sacrifices. BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT FOR YOU AND REMIND YOURSELF YOUR WHY. What did you really want to achieve? What’s your goal? 

The biggest take away is to know that; you need to trust yourself. When you convince your mind you can do it, nothing is gonna change it. Break some rules. Don’t be afraid to fail. Ignore the naysayers. Work like hell. Give something back.

Would I do another show?

Hell yeah! Stay tune for more!

Now that its all over.. the excitement, the struggle of the last few weeks of prep were the hardest and its such a weird feeling but I miss every moment of it right this instant. I would not take away those hard work, pain and struggles away at all. I miss it all and I will do it all over again! It just proves that if you work hard, you are discipline and if you believe in yourself you can do anything you set your mind to!

Thank you for reading! Also, here are some pictures to enjoy!






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