What’s up yall! It’s been awhile since I have updated my blog since moving to Bangkok! But that would be a whole another blog entry. Today I am going to talk alittle bit about nutrition. Most of all, sugar, carbohydrates, glucose and so on. 😊



Sweeteners, white or brown sugar, syrup, condiments, sauces, soda drinks, cocktails, beer, wine, pre-packed items, cold pressed juices, refine grains, cold-cuts, chocolate, candy, simple carbs, pizza, burger buns, complex carbs, white rice, brown rice.

*carbohydrates convert into sugar form once it enters into your blood stream. Another form of carbohydrates is also called glucose, we need glucose to function thus quantity and quality of where our glucose come from is important. Thus, the challenge is not to avoid all carbohydrates all together but to understand where your carbohydrates are coming from and be aware of the type of carbohydrates we consume.

In general terms, carbohydrates gives you energy,  while sugar spikes your energy levels which ultimately makes you tired.

Simple carbs versus complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbs are items that can be easily processed n the body such as glucose and fructose (fruits), while complex makes you feel fuller, provide you with vital nutrients and doesn’t make you hungry quickly when eaten in the right proportions.

No matter what it is called, sugar is sugar and carbs are sugar and it depends on your lifestyle, it will determine if sugar is good for you or not. There is even such a thing as eating insufficient sugar in a persons diet. Sugar can negatively affect  your body in so many ways. Sugar provides the body with dophamine, a feel good hormones that boast our mood, a burst of energy, feeling jittery and anxious when consumed too much, its also a chemical that has a very quick crash effect that leads to the dreaded sugar crash. With the constant high and low, it can cause different individuals into depression.

Medically, an abundant of sugar can cause our livers to becomes resistance to insulin. An important hormone that helps turn sugar in your bloodstream into energy. This means your body isn’t able to control your blood sugar levels as well, which can lead to type 2 diabeties.

You can go on to google and find out way more detriments of sugar than benefits if you are willing to go down that rabbit hole.

Now back to me. 😀 So in the month of January, J Lo aka Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the block said she was going to up her fitness regime by cutting out sugar out of their diet, to only learnt that almost everything we consume in our diet consist a shit load of sugar even in our fruits and vegetables! Additionally, we don’t even know if the carbs we are consuming are good carbs or bad carbs.

Since moving to Bangkok I’ve always wanted to try out the challenge too but I’ve been making excuses such as I will be coaching again soon; I shouldn’t be doing something new to my body at this time. Or I need an accountability buddy to start this challenge with. But in all honesty, I really didn’t. I just needed to be accountable to myself, for myself.

Weeks went by, I kept thinking about it, but I kept procrastinating. I even drop by Singapore for a weekend. But the second I was back in Bangkok, I knew I had to do it NOW. It was now or never. I’ve been wanting to do this since forever and why do I keep holding myself back? Starting something new is always scary. But hey, if we don’t start or we don’t try. We will never know what our bodies can do.






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