I mean… you really would not believe it.

Fats! I increased my fat intake so much this year and switched things up. From swapping canola oil to avocado oil. Sticking my finger into almond butter or cashew butter instead of the good ole peanut butter. Munching on a whole avocado with tabasco sauce instead of reaching for that bag of chips.

Swapping lattes/caps for black coffee (unless I’m in Australia! Those flat whites are just dangerous!)

Last but not least the game changer of my gut health, hunger pangs and taste of my morning coffee?


What is MCT oil? 

Medium Chain Triglycerides oil – a unique fatty acid. They have the ability to stabilize blood sugar, enhance ketone body production, helps to reduce inflammation, improve metabolism and enhance cognitive function (basically brain power).

P/s:  Difference between coconut oil and MCT oil – coconut oil contains different strains of MCTs and not all strains are not equally effective for energy and fat loss.

What has it got to do with Fat Loss?

MCT oil increases fat burning (increases metabolism rate). MCT oil also helps to curb appetite and increase satiety (I was full for at least 4 hours after waking up at 6:00am for my shift and did not snack the entire time and if you know me, I am a huge snacker.)

My Story
I started mixing my coffees with pure MCT oils that I bought from iherb about 6 months ago with a splash of milk for taste and it basically renewed my love for coffee right there and then! Right now, I’m obsessed with Onnit flavoured MCT oil! But  I didn’t jump on the bandwagon solely for the life-changing taste of my coffee but for the rave around it. Everyone at work have been talking about the positive effects and why it is good for you. So…. what’s my take on it?

Mixing or adding oils into my diet didn’t help me to look leaner, lose 5 kg and gain more muscles overnight, I still have to put in the work. It is to make you feel fuller, so you’ll curb your appetite and snack less on unhealthy foods. MCT oil is basically a fatty acid and fats have been having such a bad rep for so many years now that we need to shift our thinking a little bit here. Fats are not bad for you! Fats are great for you! Fats help to make you feel full and you want to feel full if not you will tend to overeat. The next time instead of saying fats are bad for you and you still reach for that tub of fried chicken or that slice of pizza, reach for that slice of avocado toast instead. To say MCT oil has purely changed my body, it isn’t fair either as I still have to put in the work in the gym but MCT oil has definitely helped to curb my cravings and hunger pangs especially when my day starts before sunrise.


Here is me feeding my cats treats while i have my morning coffee:)

Here is my current favorite MCT Oil:


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