What to look for when looking for a gym or wanting to start a workout regime! 

I’ve been asked by a couple of friends lately on what to look for when it comes to joining a gym. Whether is it for health and fitness benefits or simply just wanting to build a better booty? There are definitely a few things to take note of before committing to a gym membership!
1. Sustainability
So many of us started the year with #newyearnewme #fitspo #goals and decided to join a gym, but besides the 💰 of a monthly subscription. It’s also important to be realistic with your goals. We all get excited at the beginning of the year, want to try something new and plan to be over-achievers. Be realistic, joining a gym shouldn’t shift your schedule too much, it should be able to fit into your schedule without hurting your current schedule. Is coming to the gym 2-3 more sustainable or telling yourself to go to the gym once a week more sustainable?
2. Convenience – 
Let’s be honest, after awhile we all do things base on how convenient the situation can be for us or how much interest we have in an event. So if you join a gym that takes a longer time to get to than to train. What makes you think you’ll still be there in a year? Join a gym that’s close to work or home and has a trainer that understands your needs and goals in mind. Sometimes we might like a certain facility but when it’s too far from home or work. It becomes inconvenient to travel.
3. Like-minded people –
This personally is important to me because I’ve seen so many friends joined gyms and either come out of it feeling bored after 3 months or feel like their trainers either do not care about them or they just want to hit their commission every month. The environment and vibe a gym brings is just as important as your office, your favourite coffee shop and your favourite bar. Like-minded people draws interest, passion and drive in you. It can be from the friends you made in the gym or the trainers you become friends in the gym. Make sure to find a trainer that cares about your posture and how you do certain exercises and is strict about form so as to avoid possible injuries. I’ve learnt so much the past 2 years from both clients and trainers. And one thing great about health and fitness is that it’s an never ending journey and we don’t need fancy cars or tools. Our body is all we need to start our own personal journey.
4. Enjoyment
Some gyms have trial periods which gives you time to think about joining the gym or switching to something else. Make sure you enjoy it. Because let’s be honest, hitting the gym isn’t as easy as going for happy hour drinks with our friends. It’s not as motivating when the only thing you look forward to in the gym is when the session is over. So be straight up honest with yourself. Do you like it do you not?
5. Short-term & Long-term Goals –
Lastly, set goals that can be achieved in 6 weeks to 6 months to 12 months. That way it keeps our passion alive and constantly exciting. It’s like there is always something out there to reach. But! Be realistic! Don’t expect to look like J Lo by the end of the year  when you have been eating fried chicken or not doing your squats! Set specific goals such as, I want to be able to do 5 reps of push ups in 6 weeks. Or… I want to be able to do 5 pull-ups in 8 months. Guess what, even if you did 4 reps instead of 5, you tried and you have never been closer to your goals.
Personally, exercising shouldn’t be about punishing your body for that burger or pizza you had over the weekend or the one too many drinks with your girlfriends. It should be a celebration of what the body can do after every work out! Any kind of work out to say the least.
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