Mental state of Mind #02:

I’m not perfect. I’m never going to be the prettiest one in the room. Not everyone likes me. I don’t have guys all over me. I have breakouts. I eat snacks after 7 pm. I forget to do my workout. I don’t always get straight A’s. I don’t get a million text messages a day. I over-analyze things. I’m sarcastic. I sometimes offend people by mistake. I don’t know all the answers. But perfect isn’t everything, I’m me.

I go through days where I don’t feel confident about my life and I feel like a fat slob even though I just worked out the day before. Then I go through some days where I feel a million dollars even though I have not worked out in weeks. There’s never an end to my own insecurities and maybe one day I’ll fight this battle once and for all. And if you’re here to find answers and clarity for your body image issues and insecurities. I’m sorry I’m not here that. I’m here to share with u my insecurities and what goes on in my mind and how I crawl out of it… Alive.
1: just do it

There will be days you feel shitty about yourself. You don’t feel good at all. There’s just something in your mind that’s just hindering you from getting out there. The task is too big too bear. But guess what, that’s when the more you have to do it! And I know it’s not easy. So break down the task/ workout routine. Did u wanted to do 6 different sets of some sort of workout and u secretly don’t want to? Break it down to 3 and see how u feel after. Still want to do more after 3? Continue! Honestly, it sounds so simple but because when your mind tells You, or makes you think the task is bigger than you. It makes it hard for you to get up and go. So break it down, even if it’s just 1 set.

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