Day 25 of Gratitude 

Day 25: what moments this week are you grateful for? 

The moment of struggle as I get through my second week of HIIT. It really isn’t as easy as I thought. Before beginning the training, I knew it would just be scary but never thought I’ll struggle this bad, but i did. I like to overthink things and working out at Ritual did not stop me from overthinking and pushing myself even more than before. It is so different from Crossfit as at at Crossfit you pile on the weights and every rep to get through was bearable even though your form isn’t great. I haven’t changed my diet one bit because I believe in eating the food you like and not abstaining yourself at all. It’s ok to indulge but there’s a difference in over-indulging. So if I want to have that Belgium waffle, I’m going to have that Belgium waffle but 1 of course. Not 2, not 3. So I’m thankful for that 20 minutes of workout everyday as I push myself for every HIIT. 

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