Day 24 of Gratitude

Day 24: what challenge are you grateful for? 

Challenge, challenges, challenges… I feel that as I’ve gotten older. There seems to be more challenges and hurdles along the way. Maybe as we get older I’ve gotten more aware of my surroundings and the situation around me that every small little issue along the way I get panicky. Like if there’s a surprise test coming up, or a fitness test this week and even a small quiz can cause a stir in me. It’s so silly but that’s just how I’ve been lately. My senses seems to be so sensitive and awake lately that I get startled easily. 
But I’m grateful for every challenges along the way, I can’t pin point one challenge because it’s just not possible. Every challenge is unique and has make a difference in their own little way. It might not necessarily be healthy for my emotional health but it has definitely strengthened my mental state and thought-process. 


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