Be confident, but always be yourself


I’ve never been one to make a striking entrance when I walk into a room. Unless I was performing a choreographed dance routine, even then I like to take left or right stage but never the center stage. I’m just too self-conscious.

  I rather leave the center stage to the more outgoing person in the room. Truth be told, I’ve even scoffed at attention-seekers in the past. But if social media culture has taught me anything, it’s that there’s no one better to sell yourself than you. That’s why I don’t think it’d hurt to have a little more Maleficent in me. Regardless of her audience, she speaks up, out and commands attention.

damn girl! 

Think I totally fucked up some parts of the lyrics. But hey that’s the whole point. If you’re  not gonna laugh at yourself. Who will? 

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