Day 4: Gratitude

to be honest with you, any kind of food. But to be real real with you. Fruits and vegetables. I love good fresh fruits and vegetables in my everyday life. The natural sweetness, the fructose coming from the fruits can be so life changing when you take your first bite and when you make a salad and you have the fresh-es baby spinach it makes the most mouth watering fulfilling salad of life. There’s nothing wrong in being healthy every once in awhile. In fact it’s really good for our body. But one type of food that can never go wrong in life like ever….. Would have to be COCONUTS! 
You can do anything with coconuts. So thank you coconuts for giving us your softest and sweetest white meat and producing the sweetest juice of life. All at the same time giving us oil to nourish our body and hair 😊
I like me some coconut ice cream now! 😝 
#30daysofgratitude ​

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