Day #02: Gratitude 


The iPhone.

Maybe because I’m older now but when I was younger I didn’t care less if I had a phone or not. It was cool to whip out a phone back then and play ‘Snake’ on a Nokia Phone but with an iPhone.. I got to save so many memories from the past and retain current ones. I get to email people from all around the world and connect as well as reach the people I love almost instantly. iPhone has definitely changed the whole ball game of communication that can be both a good and bad thing. However, if we ignore the social media aspect of it and the people heads are constantly down on their phone. iPhone has helped us to have pictures of our loved ones in our pockets without worrying about them getting wet.  iPhone has definitely created this walking computer that can be fit into our pockets so that we can whip it out anytime  we want  to connect with the people we love. 


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