At the every end of the month, I always find myself broke and happy and it’s not like i go out and spend a lot of money everyday or like I buy super-expensive cocktails and get bottle service unless I’m with the boyfriend (hahahha). My ASOS price range filter is always set from  low to high and I pack most of my lunches, i sometimes even juice my lunch. But it seems like budgeting has been an ongoing struggle for me. But hey, don’t be worried for me just yet, i have  a saving account to fall back on if my boyfriend ever gets into debt. however, those money is not for me to touch, it’s forbidden, it’ll be like smashing my porcelain piggy bank. whenever i see a confident woman walk past, i always wonder how she ever got her shit together, how she can afford to have that cuppa and yet still afford the new spring summer 2017 lululemon yoga pants and yet her ass isn’t saggy. she sure knows how to make a girl feel envious huh.

Oh Bernice time to get your shit together 

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