Day 1 of Gratitude

As I’m sitting here home alone (so no one can judge me) and listening to Christmas songs in the middle of June. I am inspired again to start writing again before the negative part of my mind takes over my right brain. Since June is coming to an end which also means I am officially entering my last year as a bachelor student. I want to take this time and all the other time I spent mindlessly on my social media to write a post each and every day for what I’m grateful for (a second ago, I typed granted instead of grateful, well I think I would have a lot more to write about for all the things I take for granted though….). anyway, we will be following this chart on a daily basis and I’m going to be try to be as exciting as possible.

The smell of a hot summers day, the smell of a sweaty body and the smell of the sea as the waves crash against the shore. I am grateful to for the smell of the saltiness of the beach  with a mix of salt, sand and sea water. 

Ooooo. Just thinking about it, makes me miss the beach so much and want to be right there right now! What smell are you grateful for? 


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