Manic Monday 

And….. Exams are over!! God! This semester felt the longest! My one and only written paper was the very last day of the semester. Yes, good news was I had more time to study, bad news was it felt like forever. Anyways, another semester down meaning I have 2 more semester, 1 more year to go. 
Now that I have a short break from now till end of July. I find myself getting shaky and uncertain all over again. I think I find myself using school as an excuse for not pursuing the things that I want, oh, I’m too busy with school. I can’t do that. Oh, I have assignments due soon. Blah blah blah. I’m running away and not facing up to reality. I’m afraid of facing up to things that are important to me. 
But well, guess what Bernice you have a good 2 months break. Let’s see how much further you can run. Time to set my priorities straight and take things a step at a time. 
1. Write out your business proposal

– research, planning and communicate people who are likeminded
2. Find another freelance/ part time gig

– you still have bills to pay for
3. Live for yourself: exercise more and less junk food 
4. Seriously, you have an addiction, online shopping. Get a grip!! 

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