Since I’ve found my Hair guy aka my hair stylist 2 months ago, I love almost everything about getting my hair done with him maybe not so much when I  am getting a trim because currently I want my hair long. If you have coarse and difficult hair, you would totally feel me!

I love getting my hair done: when Roy puts the highlights into my ends, knowing he will make me look like a mermaid by the end of the session and when the brush is being run through my hair as it’s getting blown out, knowing that I’m going to leave with my hair looking way better than I ever could have done it myself.

I think my favourite part, still, is the shampoo experience, especially when the assistant or stylist has generous scalp-massaging fingers. That’s a total trigger point for me, as I have dry and itchy scalp.

Basically, I love hair. I love trying out new hairstyles. I love trying new hair colours that I’m feeling at the moment.  It really changes my mood for the day…

The different style and colour of my hair over the past 6 months 🙂

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