Hold On


I love him and before you think this is gonna be a cheesy post. Bear with me. 

He knows that I love him, at least i think he knows. But hang on it’s not like I’m going to give my life to him after this.

I was just wondering (something i like to do a lot) what is it that I love about him. I’m actually the worst when it comes to expressing how i feel so this is something very new to me. 

No, it’s not because he bought me a nice present last month. No, not because he brought me out for date night last weekend and no, not because the sex is great.. (We don’t do such thing) But… 

Even when i think of his face at any random time of the day,  an uncontrollable grin runs across my face. 

When i secretly think of our future and piece the way our kitchen will look like in our humble adobe, there’s this hope in my heart that I thought i’ll never have. 

When i stumble upon pictures of him, his smile makes me wonder how lucky i am to have someone like him by my side. 

His warmth, his touch, his hugs and his chest is all that I need when he is around. No amount of time can feed into my addiction. 

I love him because he makes me want to accomplish the things that I’ve set out for myself deep down in my heart. He makes me not just want to be a better person but actually work for it, hard. He makes me selfless (situational) and want to think of the people around me way more than I ever did, he teaches me to let go of things I can’t control. He takes care of me, and he loves me too, as simple as that. When I think of him, I don’t just want to do super cool stuff with him over the weekend. I actually just want to do any-ordinary-day-kinda-fun with him. Some people make all these huge plans to do with their special someone, fuck that. I want to do grocery shopping with him this weekend and have a blast while at it. He  makes me excited about the weekend even if I’m just coming over to Netflix and chill. Hell, he even makes me excited about going back to his places after Crossfit to make dinner. Kinda helps that he is there at Crossfit too though. 

And you might think all of that that all of the above sounds super boring and i get it, it is not everybody but we all deserve to find the love we think suits us best. If this isn’t for you, i don’t blame you, find someone who will kick Monday’s blues away for with you.

Happy Hump Day! (This took a lot of me to be this candid)