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Last week….

Took a family trip to Guangzhou, China before heading to Hongkong for the weekend. There were 8 of us, that alone says a lot. It was quite a hassle most of the time but kinda expected especially when you are traveling with a big group of people. Spent 5 days in China and was more than enough for me to take, coming here definitely makes me feel very white washed. I don’t speck Chinese that fluently neither do they understand the way I speak Singaporean Chinese.

In every city I’ve been to, at the end of it all, it feels all the same. The same high rise building, fast pace spirit & full of life, the difference between every city is the people, the culture and the colors. maybe it’s the weather right now. But China was gloomy, dull and very cloudy and when the cold wind blows gosh is it cold.

Would I come back to China after this? Not really. Even though it’s a city, the people here are so different, they definitely have a culture of their own. They spit everywhere they go and they do not care who’s around them. It’s dirty! They talk loudly on the phone and scream in it not caring who’s walking past because it’s such a norm. They are insensitive and would not give way to you, everyone is pushing and always in a hurry. u can try asking for direction and u would be answered very rudely like u are a moron and u can’t read road signs. Try asking the sales lady about her products and if u take even a second to consider purchasing it she walks away because she just can’t be bothered with your nonsensical questions. It might be a culture thing but they are very unfriendly people especially to outsiders. They don’t see a need to please or socialize with people if it doesn’t benefit them, and even when they are doing a sale with you. “They would tell you it’s cheap, why are u still even considering. Just buy la!” Making u feel like u are cheap and u can’t afford it maybe it’s their sales tactic but honestly I’m not gonna buy something that i know the quality may actually be shit?

Besides the shitty service, the  shopping here though is a level of it’s own. Well, I guess it makes sense when people say it is after all Made in China, I’m sure their own products and their own brands are much cheaper too. Many shops here rather receive cash then credit. But when u say you have no cash so u are not buying them anymore. For some mariculous reason the credit card machine is acceptable again.

However, having to be in Hong Kong for the weekend. Even though the people here are a lot friendlier, there are also way more people here too. There are expats, there are foreigners who speaks fluent Cantonese and so does their kids. It felt very overcrowding, just like Singapore. You find a little bit of China here and there as well but at a much lower degree. Now, If you asked me would I come back to Hong Kong or China? I’ll tell you, China.
Remember I said before that people in Guangzhou seems to always be in a hurry. I think people in Hong kong seems to just love running. There are a lot more people here that I think maybe because of that, they think they can get away with anything. A lady pushed me one fine day and I turned around thinking it was mom but I turn around anyway to make sure and when I saw it was a China lady, I was furious! Her arm was on my waist! So I stopped and literally just stand there and gave her the death stare. Thinking she would apologize, nope she didn’t! She just acted ignorant and continue her way! I mean… Really?

I’m going to stop rambling on if not this post will go on forever. Having said whatever I’ve experienced. I would go back to China any day now than back to Hong Kong. Hong Kong definitely has its perks, like If you want to get away from the local vibe and hang around a more cosmopolitan area, there are tons of area like that on Hong Kong island, Stanley Island and CBD area. However, because I’m a city girl, a holiday isn’t a holiday until I’ve experienced something different and Guangzhou gave me more of that than Hong Kong ever did.

Cheers! To more travel! ✈️🚁⛵️

Have an awesome week!  

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