Stressful Times

Don’t underestimate the power of stress. Your body reacts to it faster than you think. To learn and understand the power of stress isn’t easy because in today’s society everyone belittle the effects of stress, especially if you live in the city. If you ever tell someone you are stress, they will tell you it is normal as long as you can handle it. But what do they mean exactly as long as you can handle it?

I almost broke down today walking out of work, i still can’t put a finger on it, all i can say is, yes, i was stressed, i was feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed. but i told myself to hold it together because i am over-worrying, i am just feeling overwhelmed and all i need to do is take one step at a time. Now, breathe, breathe, breathe, and go slow.

As I made my way to Crossfit, I started feeling better as I think and plan the things to accomplish by the week in my mind. I felt better but that didn’t mean I was any less stress. So instead of whining about how stress and pathetic I am. I am going to list down the things I have been doing to keep my sanity since juggling work, school, fitness, life and everything in between.

  1. Make a List:
    I know we hear this all before, a million and 1 x but nothing calms me down more than knowing what needs to be accomplished before freaking out at the amount of work that needs to be done. But it it is all about baby steps, one step at a time. At least you know you are moving forward and not staying stagnant at a spot.
  2. Breathe:
    As I look back at all the assignments and dateline I have met and the examinations I have taken, I really would not have done it without taking a breather every once in a while, I gave myself breaks in between to just… breathe, sometimes being so swamped by so many things at a time only hinder you from performing your best. I can never forget a very ordinary Sunday where I planned out an entire day of assignments to accomplish and topics to be read  but before the storm came, I went out for a nice brunch with the boyfriend, nothing fancy, nothing far away, nothing hard to get to, just a nice quiet meal with someone I love and want to spend time with, before going home and hitting hard on those books, slamming the laptop to churn out those beautiful essays. So breathe, take a step back and just breathe. Remember self-made goals can be altered, as long as you are always moving forward.
  3. Allow yourself:
    Every time you feel overwhelmed and you know you can’t do it alone anymore. Don’t be ashamed and allow yourself to ask for help. My classmates have been a great help since I started uni, without the help of my classmates, i don’t think I would have ever been able to accomplish all those task at all. Allow yourself to take some time off work if you really think you need the extra time to cope with school. I remember being so hard on myself where I will squeeze in 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening just to accomplish mini tasks here and there, and even though those assignments are completed, i had a major burnout. i was feeling extremely tired, and even when i was physically tired, my mind just kept churning about work and school or work or school and I had a hard time falling asleep at night. It was honestly not healthy at all.
  4. Prioritize:
    I feel like this is a little redundant to explain, I’m sure everyone understands this word and know what to do when they see this word. The question is are you willing to do it. Your assignment is due the following week and you only have 4 more days to complete it. Are you going to head out for drinks on a Friday night or are you going to head home after work to start on the assignment? hmmmmmm. Sometimes it just takes baby steps to get to where you need to be.

“Baby steps makes it all easier”

I am sorry that there is no pictures today but I will definitely post more pictures when I have the time! I hope this helps anyone of you out there that are stressed out. It’s the beginning of the year! We can do this! If we have a strong start, we can end it strong as well!


Good Luck!