Never say never 🚬

I never thought I’ll see this day come. it may have came very unexpectedly but I am proud of myself, and I am really glad that I have been keeping up to it. 🚬


I’ve officially stopped smoking for over 3 months now. I didn’t set any goals initially neither did I plan to stop smoking. I just did. And the sad truth was because I fell terribly sick and was bed ridden for a week straight. I got better by the end of the week and even went out for my best friend’s birthday celebration but that didn’t encourage me to start smoking again either, but it definitely helped that even my best friend wasn’t smoking that day.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t a heavy smoker to begin with. Granted I will smoke a stick or two when I’m bored during the day at work or when I go off the hook as I have too much to drink. Not to mention when I’m on a holiday, I smoke like a chain machine. It’s so disgusting to the point that when I return from my trip, I get a terrible sore throat.
Smoking gave me the extra kick whenever I have too much alcohol in my system and there’s a spark that goes off whenever I get too intoxicated that makes me crave for that cigarette.

Now now, I’m sure you’re waiting for the part where I tell you all the benefits I’ve experienced since I’ve stopped smoking. But to be totally honest with you. It hasn’t been much. But here are the slight differences and changes though.

1) I’ve experienced less acne on my forehead. Everyone that knows me, knows that I suffer from terrible acne on my forehead that even the best hair cuts can’t cover. I still get break outs now and then due to hormonal changes on a monthly basis but it has definitely been a lot less.

2) my teeth are less yellow now. That’s self-explanatory.

3) I began to lift a lot heavier at Crossfit. But hey, I’ve been lifting for a long time, I should see some gains after a period of time too so I can’t say smoking was hindering me. I kind of still believe it’s all about your state of mind, but I’m definitely less breathless than before though.

I guess I only have 3 things to talk about. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy smoking a lot before but since I’ve stopped smoking for 3 months (and 3 months isn’t that long of a time either to brag about) I really don’t have the feels to pick up a cigarette again. But If I have any updates that I’ve started smoking again or I can’t stand the taste of cigarette when I tried smoking again, you will definitely be the first to know!

Till then, XO!