Curb that shopping bug!

Will I really be a happier person with that new pair of jeans? Will replacing my old standing mirror make my life any more enjoyable? Will I really be better at my make-up skill with that new eye shadow palette?

As I reflect and think as I spring clean my room for the 999 time, I realised I am a shopping addict, both online and offline. Not to mention i buy things to stock up and tell myself I will need it for the near future and since there is a sale now. Why not?  When….. really…. I kinda actually don’t need it at all. I tell people that I only shop when there is a sale which is true but with all the sales popping up in my e-mail inbox every month, I am really doing myself no favour having a subscription to ASOS, Sephora, Sabo Skirts, Zalora, Luxola etc etc diligently informing me that they have a 20% discount code specially created for me. I need to be mindful with my spending and curb those purchases that really bring me no lasting meaning for my life.

So I’ve decided to wait until the website tells me it’s 50% off and they even give me an additional 20% code for me to save on shipping before I key in my paypal ID. Now that’s a plan I can stick with. (HA! Wish me luck!)


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