Having to juggle a couple of different things for the past year and a half, I have grown to be pretty picky in the things I want to have/do everyday and the people I want to be around with every other day. Not saying that I have the luxury of having all the options and time in the world right now but it does make me think twice before jumping into new opportunities or buying that rare-army-green blazer on impulse, something that I always do before.

Maybe is the mid life crisis or the knowing-that-the-future-is-not-very-far-away-scares-the-shit-outta-me part that drives me to be more focus and to make wise decisions now, notice I didn’t say WISER. I have made many pretty stupid mistakes in the past 5 years of my life but I still take full responsibility of it all as I cringe at every memory of it.

Moving on…

At some point in my life, I want to either rent a house or those Airbnb apartment and live like a local. Stay a little longer than planned and wake up and go on a run around the neighbourhood like I always do back at home. Shop at the local farmer’s market and even cook a local meal and in the evenings, see a movie in a different language and try not to fall asleep.

Throughout my time in this new town—be it a month or 3 months—I want to make a routine as if I have been living in the that town for a long time. Soon I’ll be saying hi to a familiar face, and I’ll get to know the rhythm of the town. It’s not going to be an overnight affair but I want to have the opportunity to see what life is really like.