Commit to Something

2016-01-07 22.51.46


To cut Dairy & Alcohol for a good full month!

At first, I know I am like you, it seems a little drastic  but now that it has been more than a week now, it actually isn’t too bad. But well, it does get a little overwhelming over the weekend because you honestly don’t know what you are going out for if it isn’t for drinks with friends or enjoying a beer or two over pizza with friends.

It takes as little of an effort as writing it in your calender, like do you write ‘crossfit‘ or ‘drinks with friends‘ on your calender on Friday? When I was planning my week, I realise that I actively left Friday’s box out!? WHUUT?!! WHY??!! 

See what my mind did that? It started planning in my head way ahead what I was going to do when I know I should not be doing it which was to go out for drinks when I could have easily pencil in, ‘Crossfit at 6:30 pm’ and get it over with. But nope, my brain was smart enough to leave me hanging and allow me to procrastinate IF I should go to Crossfit on a Friday night since (sub-consciously) I did not write it in. It doesn’t matter does it? Since I did not write it down.

Like why couldn’t I just write what I was going to do on a Friday night just like every other day? Why did I leave it blank? Because yes, I wanted to be hopeful and wish that WHEN/IF my friends ask me out on a Friday night, I DON’T HAVE anything on SO I can easily meet them! Makes sense right?

So no, I did not leave it blank in the end. I wrote Crossfit at 6:30pm because I want to save myself all that troubl and not give myself an excuse to go out for drinks. HAHA! 2016-01-06 17.21.35

Don’t get me wrong: going out with friends and spending time with people is absolutely an essential to live a balanced life, and I do have plenty of fun. But I realized that if I was serious about changing my body and making some changes in my life, it was only going to work if I set healthy boundaries that were on my terms. Sure, there are times that I will be tempted and crave a little cheese and alcohol, but I feel that the majority of my time should be dedicated to living a healthier, more balanced life — and what’s even better than that?

The results that I get to prove it with.

Learn to be OKAY in saying No. Sometimes saying No is not such a bad thing after all especially if it’s under your terms. 

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Have a good week folks!