My love for AVOS

Why I love me some AVO

1. The taste of the soft green meat on the inside but yet firm at the same time just makes me wanna smile whenever they are in my mouth especially with a little of salt and cayenne pepper . Hmmm2016-01-08 09.03.19
2. They help me to maintain and lose weight because it promotes a feeling of satiety and fullness so I won’t have the desire to overindulge or pig out even when I’m on my period. – This is important! 
2016-01-08 09.02.08
3. They reduce the risk of heart diseases because it is low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat and it improves my insulin sensitivity levels too.
2016-01-08 08.56.55
4. They protect my skin and eyes as I very well aged as time refused to slow down. This precious avo have carotenoids and does quite a number of things for the body (Google it). But one of it helps prevent my vision of being dysfunctioning too quickly.
2016-01-08 08.55.58
5. They reduce the risk of cancer. As we live longer, the higher risk we are all in getting cancer. It’s sad but true. These babies AVO help provide us with numerous phytochemicals that I do not even know how to pronounce  along with xanyhophyll luetin that helps decrease the rates of any cancer possible. it’s no magic fruit but definitely worth a shot.
2016-01-08 09.02.41
6. Last but definitely not least because I can go all day just praising and talking about avos all day. Yummy. They are so deceiving on the outside, they have this beautiful colour of dark green and then they get darker and gets black but when you open them, it is a beautiful colour of green on the inside, it is just magical and it can be made into anything! you can make them into smoothies, spread and even as toppings on top of the meal. Did I already mention they are super nutritious and healthy!

2016-01-08 09.30.42