3 everyday ways to be more Present 


 I always struggle in being in the moment. I never know how to stay still and be present. I’m always looking for what’s the next best thing or what’s next, what’s next. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. But it can be destructive. Even when I have a good thing going on I still go out there and ask what’s next. What else can I do. How long more before the next thing comes along. It’s terrible. I need to learn to be more present.

Here are some tips to be more present that I’ve been doing to make myself more present. It’s a conscious decision and an everyday effort.

1. When having a meal with people, keep your phone away and I don’t just mean keep it in your bag. But switch it to airplane mode. Because we all know when you take that phone out to take that wefie, you get tempted to check your Instagram and all the other social media platforms. So why not do that later? Social media won’t die over a lunch break. Chill.

2. When doing a particular task. Don’t whine and drag the task. But think of it as, wow. Once I’m done with this task. I won’t have to see it again. I should really spend time and take this as seriously as I can and when I’m done I can do other things. Because hey, who wants to do the same task twice when it’s already been done. But I don’t mean to be sloppy with your work though.

3. Appreciate the moment. I was walking around old Taipei the other day and my legs got tired and I was getting all angsty about walking around aimlessly just because I didn’t know exactly where we were going.

Learnt to be in the moment and let go of the situation and just because you don’t understand or can’t control it doesn’t mean it’s bad. We are only humans. We are supposed to be constantly learn and grow as we learn new cultures and places, and learn to let go. It’s during those tough and uncertain times that you see something new and learn new things.
So for 2016, I need to be consciously working to be more present and be more patient for whatever is to come through.

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