Let’s recap #2015 Part 2

Part 2:

July – Oh July! Half a year has gone by and sometimes i still wonder what have I been doing with my life since the year started. But anyhow, it was my Dad’s birthday month and we had a lavish dinner at MBS with the family.



August – Took my very first Solo Yolo  Trip to Perth Australia! That trip really taught me so much about myself while i was on my own but I had so much fun meeting new people on the winery tour. It was amazing (for the lack of better vocabulary) and of course i got wasted way before 5pm. 😀



September – Here comes the month of September, the month that I have been dreaming about all year round, the month that I have been waiting for all year round. The month where i get to take a 20 hours flight all the way to the big USA. But i found myself in Dry Colorado (& New Orleans), it was stunning, so much nature and space (unlike Singapore to say the least)! I really did not want to leave but the real world still do exist. 😦


October – After being back from Colorado, life back in Singapore was mundane and draining. I was suffering from the Colorado hangover pretty intensely and I am not kidding. Okay, maybe i am being a little dramatic right now but gosh i missed the weather, the people, the food and the shopping etc etc. It was sad. But i got to attend one of my longest and closest friend’s wedding in Singapore and I am still so very happy for her. Congratulations Jiamin!



November – Oh November! My most dreaded month of the year, my birthday month where i only turn older and hopefully wiser. But i have the sweetest and kindest man by my side who planned my entire party even though he was quite a panic freak at times. Haha. So much love. Thank you my love :*



December – And we have somehow found ourselves at the end of 2015! The very last month of two thousand and fifteen! WOW. Just looking back, I can’t believe the entire year have gone by just like that! *snap fingers*
So… my New Year’s resolution is to stop snacking so much, I am a huge snacker, I snack way too much for my own good. I love my chips & guacamole, my dark chocolate, my cheese & dips, way too much.

My goal for 2016 is to have a better body. Hopefully*


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