Let’s recap #2015 Part 1

Let’s recap the first 6 months of #2015

… through INSTAGRAM by recapping the highlights of each month. This will either show how interesting or boring the first half of 2015 has been. Let’s go.


JANUARY – Oh! January! The first month of the year where everyone’s heart and mind is filled with great promises and optimism and New Year’s resolutions. Which I did accomplish SOME and one of which, was to perm my hair!

Boy oh boy  oh boy. Did it make a huge change to my hair. #Ohmygod. And was the change drastic! My hair instantly became massive. My hair was probably bigger than my face for a long time. That I was even called Lion King for a while.


FEBRUARY – The month of love is in the air. But… not for me. i spent Valentine’s day having an awesome BBQ with friends and got #shitwasted Also, we went for the SingJazz Festival and got to watch Jessie J Live!


MARCH – Took a week off work and went for a quick vacation to Khao Lak, Thailand!! Can’t complain!


APRIL – it was my boyfriend’s birthday and our First year anniversary. We aren’t big on celebrating anniversaries at all but we thought for our first year. Why not! (fyi: It took me a long time to remember the dates)


MAY – The month of exams! Gosh! I had 3 exam papers in 3 straight days! Back to back! Plus, the timing did not help at all, first paper was in the evening, the second paper was in the early morning and the third paper was in the afternoon. At the end of it all, I was exhausted.


JUNE – June was a time of quick getaways and staycations. We took a weekend trip to Langkawi and it probably wasn’t as pretty as Thailand or Indonesia but for such a short flight away, it wasn’t too bad at all. All we did was spend the day at the beach and spend the evening watching random shows in the hotel.


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