Manic Monday 44

It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster ride.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so all over the place since March 2014.  Change is good, I guess. I keep telling myself that. Constant should never be a norm and uncertainty is scary but unknown territories is where all the possibilities are. I’m not sure what my plans are just yet but I definitely do know that I want to keep creating, dreaming of ideas to entertain the crazy stories I have in my head. Who knows where they might bring me.

I’m afraid and I know it’s uncool to talk about our fears and worries but I can’t hide it, I am afraid and I am worried and I am human and I get to be afraid. How do you find the balance between your crazy world and the norm.

I love you in waves,
and lately,
everyday has been a hurricane.


See you next week!